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into his pensieve both even had long hair! This article refers to Johnny Depps casting as controversial, but it should not be described as anything less than plan abuse apologia and homophobia. Even his most selfish moments in pursuing the Deathly Hallows were motivated either by his feelings for Grindelwald or his wish to apologize to his late sister.". I have not read nor seen the Cursed Child play, and I dont plan on it, so Im only going to comment on it by"ng this excellent article published in Vox by Aja Romano: The Harry Potter universe still cant translate its gay subtext. At the end, without any development of their relationship whatsoever, she finally responds semipositively to his failed attempts to ask her out. But he is a bit mad, yes both added a great deal to our body of knowledge (after all, Dumbledore did discover the 12 uses of dragon's blood! I have a Harry Potter tattoo. At least two hundred of these characters have a name and we know (from the books, movies, Pottermore, JKRs twitter or other sources of canon trivia) at least some basic information about over a hundred of them. Just like with Cursed Child, I gotta admit that I did not watch, and I do not plan on watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. By itself, this is a troubling version of the wear the girl down trope; coupled with the plays homoerotic subtext, its a train wreck. This could and should be enough to convince anyone that JKR and the Harry Potter franchise does not do right by its queer fans, but that is not all. All kinds of superstitions seem to surround blood-borne conditions, probably due to taboos surrounding blood itself.

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Though the reveal was made after the end of the book series but before the sixth movie of the series was published, JKR and the people at Warner Bros never took the chance to explicit Dumbledores sexuality in any of the movie adaptations that came. Much of Grindelwald/Graves screentime is dedicated to a compelling yet disturbing relationship with Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller a young outcast whom he cruelly manipulates during scenes with an obvious gay subtext. St formsa decéns, divés fecnda, vetstos. Graves is Credences only hope for escape from his controlling adoptive mother, into a magical world where he can be free to be himself. The fact that so few of us realized he was gay. In other interviews across the years, shes clarified that Grindelwald never corresponded Dumbledores feelings, but he did use them to his own advantage. Albus and Scorpius interest in girls seems to be added as an afterthought, wedged in throughout the play in underdeveloped, unconvincing moments. Just for the sake of realism, at least ten of the named characters we know some sort of trivia about should have been confirmed as gay, bisexual, pansexual or another non-straight identity. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince : Fenrir Greyback is, perhaps, the most savage werewolf alive today. And in the end whatever the differences between our personalities are, it is time that our world heeds Dumbledore's advice: 'Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.' Today as I write this,.

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